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Equation editor
Quantemplate allows two types of equation:
Post-pivot equations
Post-pivot equations are applied to the aggregated data in the pivot table.
They are the default setting and the most common use-case.
Example: Calculate loss ratio
  Calculate loss ratio

Loss Ratio = claims / premiums,
Loss ratios are calculated from aggregate premiums and claims, so this calculation is applied to the aggregated values in the pivot table, then analysed by country, year, entity, etc.
Pre-pivot equations
Pre-pivot equations are applied to the raw data before it is aggregated in the pivot table.
This is useful for contract-level calculations.
Example: Loss excess
Show Loss Excess of 1 million. If the incurred claim is greater than 1 million, how much greater?
Loss Excess 1m = IF(‘claims’>1000000,‘claims’-1000000, 0)
This calculation is applied to each individual claim in the raw data, then the resulting values are aggregated in the pivot table for analysis by country, year, entity, etc.