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Manage multiple reports

Manage multiple reports

Use the batch selection tools in the repo to quickly archive, restore, share or unshare multiple reports.

First search or filter the reports, then click the checkbox on the top right. This will open the batch selection bar with options to archive, restore, share or unshare the selected reports.

Only an owner can share a report. If you batch-select a report that you don’t own and try to share it, it will not be shared.


To transfer ownership of a set of reports from one user to another, the report Owner should perform these actions:

  1. Open the filter bar
  2. Select Owner and type in the current Owner’s name. This will show all reports owned by this user.
  3. Click the checkbox on the top right of the table.
  4. From the batch selection bar that appears, select ‘Share’.
  5. In the sharing popup that appears, add the new owner and select ‘Apply’. The new Owner is added.
  6. If ownership is no longer required for the previous owner, add their name in the sharing popup, select their new level of access (can edit, can view or remove) and click ‘Apply’.