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The Dataset Information popup shows information about how a dataset has been created and updated. It appears in the Data view, the Pipeline Inputs Reference Data tab, and the Pipeline Outputs tab.

Within the popup. there are four sections: Info, Updates, Used by and Partners.


Created date

Time and date of dataset creation, in your local timezone.


Current document owner.


Row count of dataset.

Dataset ID

Each dataset has a unique ID which is independent of the dataset name and does not change. This is useful for API configuration.


Updated date

Time and date of last update, in your local timezone.

Updated by

User who last updated dataset, including the API user.


How the dataset was updated:

If a dataset is duplicated or restored from a previous version, the new version will display the update mechanism of the original.

Used by

A list of the pipelines which currently use the dataset, either as a stage input or as an reference dataset in Automap Values.

Whenever a dataset is added to a pipeline, or a pipeline is run, the list will be updated, so will become populated over time.

Click on one of the listed pipelines to open it.


A list of the partner organisations with which the dataset is shared.