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Getting started
Introducing Quantemplate
Quantemplate is a suite of high-performance, easy-to-use tools to manage, query and visualise insurance data. It gives control of the data to the people who understand it best.
System requirements
Any modern PC or Mac with an internet connection can run Quantemplate.

Browser support
Quantemplate runs in the Chrome web browser for cross-platform, access-anywhere convenience.
Using multiple browser tabs
In some situations, if your organisation does not use SSO login, you may need to use a browser incognito tab to prevent automatic logout when using multiple tabs.
Product areas
Quantemplate has three product areas to manage your data flow from raw data, to cleansing, to visualisation.

Quantemplate Integrate is a set of intuitive tools which enable you to cleanse, map and join disparate data sources into standardised datasets. These can be exported to your data repo, then reported on in Quantemplate Analyse. Learn more.

A data repository for your cleansed datasets and reference data which can be previewed and shared through your organisation. Learn more.

Drag-and-drop tools to query and visualise your data, compose and share reports. Learn more.